Aaron Hazel

I have always been very observant and notice small and unique things in my daily life. I enjoy capturing those unique images that are all apart of God’s beauty. Pictures freeze time and I look for those moments that you want to remember forever.

My passion for photography grows daily and my brain stays on overload with all the endless possibilities that I come across.  I enjoy taking creative photos at different angles and composition to achieve the best art I can shoot (ask my kids!).  My mind is always open to new ideas which is why I love this diverse profession.

Business has always been a passion of mine and take pride helping  small business succeed for others.  I enjoy taking pictures of products, store fronts, and anything that can help bring people in. Pictures can tell a lot about a business and what they offer. I enjoy the challenge and strive to show the very best without breaking the bank. I also enjoy creating layouts for advertising and company events (Holiday parties and celebrations).

I have been married to a very supportive wife since 2007 and we have 4 great kids.  They love having their pictures taken and also taking pictures on their own.  Each one of them are so different from the other and sometimes I find those moments where I can capture those special traits on film.  We love to encourage them to each dream passionately and to live a life empowered with our Father’s confidence.